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individual eyelash extension 

Lash extensions are all the rage these days. Unlike store bought eyelash strips, individual lash extensions are applied to each one of your eyelashes, making it extremely difficult to tell that you have any product on your lashes at all. The idea is for the individual lash extensions to look more natural and last much longer than false eyelash strips. Everyone has different preferences. A good eyelash extensionist will be able to make your lashes look as dramatic or natural as you'd like. 

The lash extensions can last up to three months, but most people get them filled in about every 2-4 weeks. Our eyelashes are constantly falling out without us even knowing. In 30-90 days, in fact, you will have completely new eyelashes to the ones you have now. They are cycling in and out seamlessly. The lash extensions are added on to your lashes and follow your own cycle. They fall out as they would naturally and grow back in the same. As they fall off and grow back in, regular eyelash extension fills will allow you to keep that full look you will love. 

Eyelash extensions will not harm your individual lashes or interrupt their natural cycle. Your eyelashes will not know they have extensions on them. Therefore, they will not thin out afterwards. I have heard people have thought that their lashes seem less full after they are taking a break from extensions. More than likely, this is because they have become accustomed to seeing their lashes with the extensions.


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