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  Vanessa Reinke


It all started when…

I have worked in the beauty industry for 15 years as a cosmetologist. I wanted a change in my career, but I wanted to stay the the beauty industry. At the time I didn't know lash extensions were so popular. One day, I saw a dear friend of mine and her lashes were full, long and absolutely stunning. I asked her about her lashes and she told me about the Bel Air Lash Bar and how they use award winning lash extensions Novalash. I was impressed. I started to take notice in everyones lashes and kept hearing great things about Bel Air Lash Bar. After seeing my friends with these beautiful lashes one had suggested I should do it as a career since I already had so much experience in the industry. I immediately started researching day and night and I knew I needed to get certified by Novalash, there was no question they have the best extensions and adhesive on the market. All this talk about Bel Air Lash Bar, I was impressed with their outstanding reviews and heard nothing but wonderful things about the girls that worked there, I made it my mission to become apart of the Bel Air Lash Bar team. My journey in lashing has been nothing short of amazing. I love the art of lashing, I love waking up and not having to worry about makeup, I love when someone opens their eyes and they are blown away from the transformation. I love Novalash!

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