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 Sabrina Beswick


It all started when…

I was eight years old coloring my grandmother’s hair with box dye and watching her do her makeup in the mirror. When I finished high school, I decided to fulfill my dream and become a licensed cosmetologist. After working in the hair and make up industry as a licensed cosmetologist, I met a woman with luxurious beautiful eyelashes, the most extraordinary I had ever seen. Naturally, I complimented her on her lashes. When she told me they were extensions, my jaw dropped! I could not believe how natural they looked. I was intrigued. My obsession began. After spending months researching eyelash extensions and comparing brands, I went to training at Novalash and became a Novalash Certified Technician. Since then, I have enjoyed working with clients making their eyelash dreams come true. I truly love what I do! I love providing my clients with the most relaxing experience. If you have always wanted to wake up in the morning with full lashes (or to shower, swim, workout, travel , go to work, etc) without having to worry about makeup, eyelash extensions are definitely for you!  Come see me in our Baltimore location.

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