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Individual eyeLash extensions

novalash certified technician provides beautiful, practical, cost effective lash enhancements


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Eyelash Extensions

Owner/lash extensionist

My personal positive experience with Novalash extensions, coupled with my and my friends’ negative experiences with other extensions has made me passionate about being an extensionist for Novalash. I have gotten lash extensions with Novalash for five years. The two lash types I tried prior to Novalash left me with an awful taste in my mouth. Novalash saved my interest in lash extensions. I hope to do the same for you.



Frequently asked questions

Find all the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Why get eyelash extensions? Does lash brand matter? How will it affect my natural lashes? How long will the lashes last? Will I need makeup afterwards? How long does it take to apply the lash extensions?

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make your eyes pop all the time with eyelash extensions


beautiful, long, lush lashes that are easy to maintain

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This link provides more information on eyelash extensions, along with links for outside articles written by third parties like Huffington Post.


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