jill's story


There are a lot of reasons why you can't skimp on your budget for lashes. Like linens, you get what you pay for.


It's also important to get a good brand of lashes. NovaLash was developed by physicians. Make sure your technician is certified and trained.


Before finding Novalash, I had a few bad experiences with lashes. I tried to share my stories with my friends and encouraged everyone to try Novalash if they were interested in lashes. Unfortunately, like myself, my friends like to learn the hard way - the really hard way.


I had a friend. Let's call her Jill...

Jill wanted to get lashes, but didn't want to spend the money to go to a certified Novalash extensionist. She paid $100 for a full set. They looked nice, but started falling off quickly.

Jill had OCD - not literally. She couldn't stand the lashes falling off. She started collecting them and gluing them back on herself. She didn't tell me until afterwards. Having many years of experience with lashes, I told Jill that was extremely dangerous. I told her to stop doing that and to wait until all the lashes come off before getting them done again. Mixing glues is extremely dangerous.

Jill returned to the budget extensionist. She told the extensionist what she had done. The extensionist did (to her credit) tell her not to do that anymore. However, she proceeded with the fill. (I NEVER would have touched them.)

The day after her first fill, Jill woke up to eyes the size of baseballs. She could hardly open them because they were so swollen. She had a bad reaction.

I told Jill that's what can happen when you mix glues. I also told her that I would not return to an extensionist who would fill a set of lashes that had mystery glue on top of the original adhesive.

Again, Jill didn't listen. She went back a week later which was another red flag for me. The extensionist asked her to come back the next week for a fill at full price. A week is likely too soon to get a fill, but is certainly too soon to touch eyelashes that had such a reaction.

The extensionist told Jill that she would use adhesive for sensitive eyes this time. To me, the answer was clear - once glues have been mixed, you need to wait for all of the lashes to go through their natural cycle. Before you can adhere more extensions, the lashes need to be pure and clean. Unfortunately, the extensionist went on with her plan of sensitive glue.

The next day, again, Jill woke up with eyes swollen shut. They were even larger this time from the swelling.

I hate to say that I told Jill so because I understand needing to find out my own way. But, I really had told her so. Having had lashes for so long, the solution seemed like simple common sense to me.

Jill went back one final time again because she was obviously glutton for punishment. Her eyes had the same reaction. Originally, the full set was beautiful and the application and post-Lash condition was flawless. That's how you know it wasn't a reaction to the glue. Moreover, if you're getting a good Lash company and extensionist, very rarely would there be any issues - I've never had any in all these years after I found Novalash.


Don't be a Jill.


Get quality lashes done by a trained professional. Err on the side of caution. Don't ever mix glues.


Use Novalash, the only brand with adhesive developed by physicians.